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Track. Predict. Treat.
4alivio, unifying chronic pain relief for a return to normalcy

Using weather, biometric data, and personalized input.


Alivio Technologies, Inc. designs consumer-focused products inspired by our founder’s personal experience with inflammatory arthritis.

“I was limited in my ability to complete daily tasks and I didn’t like, nor want, the additional side effects of traditional pain medication. My need is not unique. It is the need of others living with inflammatory arthritis and chronic pain.“

Caitlin West
Founder & President
Alivio Technologies, Inc.

What is the
App for?

4alivio caters to individuals dealing with persistent pain and inflammation due to arthritis who are interested in understanding the causes of 
flare-ups and exploring ways to potentially reduce future episodes.

Please be aware that our founder is not a healthcare expert but rather someone who has personally battled arthritis. The research and design of this project represent her vision for tracking arthritis flare-ups. We value your input to determine whether we are heading in the right direction!

Arthritis is a progressive disease met with archaic treatments, often inaccessible

“My current treatments have helped a little...

My activity level must be very low or the pain
is unbearable”

- MEDSurvey, April 2023

“I wish I had something like this (4alivio) when I was diagnosed with PsA 20 years ago…. I was so lost and needed guidance on how to manage my day to day.”

- SW female, Psoriatic Arthritis

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‘s Vision For The Future

Our Vision For The Future

Our goal is closing the loop with a non-invasive, wearable device that helps you manage your pain.

For those of you interested in our wearable deviceWe are currently in the development phase of our wearable device, aimed at revolutionizing and closing the gap in alternative solutions to traditional pain medication.

step 1

App (the brain)

Predicts arthritis flares based on weather and offers
non-invasive pain relief via device


Wearable Device

Combines electric stimulation, infrared light, and hot/cold laser therapy in one easy-to-use unit.

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